How to Hide or Remove Facebook Suggested Posts from Timeline

Facebook is the most popular social networking site that helps to easily connect with your friends and family. With the continuous flow of news stream you can see latest updates from your Facebook friends. Ever since Facebook introduced “Suggested Posts”, you can see some sponsored posts also in your news feed.

The problem with these “Suggested Posts” is they are really annoying and in most of the cases they are less or no way related to your interests. There is no option available to disable suggested posts in Facebook. The only way you can do that is by using a Google Chrome Extension or Firefox add-on.

Hide Suggested Posts in Facebook Feed

Hide or Remove Facebook Suggested Posts from Feed

Hide Facebook Suggested Posts is a simple and free Google Chrome extension that helps to automatically hide sponsored articles from your Facebook news feed. Just install the extension and it will take care of the “suggested posts”.

This extension can also helps to improve productivity and is recommended to use if you are addicted to Facebook. Here are some other articles you may like:

Hide Facebook Suggested Posts from Timeline

Step-by-step guide on how to install and activate an extension in Google Chrome.

  • Open your Google Chrome Browser and follow this link Hide Facebook Suggested Posts.
  • Install the extension from Chrome Web Store by clicking on “Add to Chrome” button.
  • You need to provide permission as this extension modifies content on
  • When installed you will be be notified and its time to test it!

No need of restarting your Chrome Browser but make sure Facebook is not already opened in a tab. When I checked my Facebook news feed, I noticed that this extension is hiding annoying sponsored posts and suggested events.

Hide Facebook Suggested Posts

This Chrome extension just adds “display: none” property to suggested posts class in CSS. Its just a simple way to hide any HTML element on a webpage. So its reliable to some extent only and wont work if the HTML class of suggested posts is changed. There is a lot of room to improve this extension and many options like “Hide Suggested Posts for some certain time period” or “Remove suggested posts only in office working hours” etc.

In case if this extension is not working or if you have any suggestions then please consider sharing your views by posting a comment here. We will get back to you very soon and meanwhile follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

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  1. says

    Nice, I never know this kind of chrome extension does exists. I’ve no serious problem about suggested post, however I think it’s annoying when the same post appear on my timeline ever after few days.

  2. says

    Hi there,
    Really useful post – nice one. . . In case it’s of any interest here’s my view on how to avoid the situation of having to remove posts in the first place! If only brands put more time into create reciprocal value for people, then I think they’d receive a lot less abuse…!


  3. Adrian says

    This extension no longer works. I have had it enabled and for a while, it was working, but now I’m seeing those stupid suggested posts again. Facebook must have found a way around it. We need an update!

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